Is your fridge freezer not enough for you? Does it fall short of meeting your family’s needs? Maybe you are considering buying a freezer: a chest freezer? An upright freezer is better? Find out about the advantages and disadvantages of each one, as well as the aspects you should take into account before buying a freezer to make the right choice.

Keys to choosing the best freezer.

Although there are many types of refrigerators, including fridges without a freezer, the truth is that the users’ favorites are the refrigerator freezer combo
, even American refrigerators, with two doors.
In many homes, shopping is not done as often as before, and cooking is not done daily either: you buy frozen products, you freeze fresh products, you cook for one day and you freeze for several meals…
The truth is that most users can no longer do without a good freezer. If the capacity of the freezer compartment of your fridge is not enough for your needs, you will have to get a separate freezer as a backup.
Nowadays, we can find 2 types of freezers in the market: chest freezers and upright freezers. Which one is better? What do they provide?

Upright FreezerChest FreezerIce Makers

Upright Freezer

The appearance of an upright freezer is very similar to that of a refrigerator, usually with a front door and its interior divided into drawers.

If you need a freezer but you don’t have much space, don’t dream of having a mini-freezer… an upright freezer can be the solution because it takes up less space than a chest freezer.
With their interior of drawers, upright freezers are easier to organize and it is easier to access the food. offer you a wide range of upright freezers for both domestic and industrial use. These excellent appliances are essential for the conservation of food and beverages at home or in the freezing of meat, fish, and shellfish used in the gastronomy industry.
The correct conservation of these products is of vital importance to increase the economy and efficiency in the gastronomy but also in the home. That is why we offer you products with a high-quality standard, perfect functioning, and high performance. Take advantage of our wide range of upright freezers and choose the one that best suits your needs.
On the other hand, the capacity of an upright freezer is usually less than that of a chest freezer.
In short, if you do not have much space and you are going to use it continuously, as an extension of the fridge, you should decide on an upright freezer.

Chest Freezer.

Chest freezers are essential appliances in every gastronomic business and in every industrial kitchen to properly preserve perishable food.
Chest freezerTotal refrigeration and a closed cold chain are essential factors for many foods. The chest freezers stand out for their high quality, excellent finish, and low energy consumption. At you will find a wide range of chest freezers for gastronomy professionals with high demands. These freezers have folding or sliding doors. You can also find cabinets with glass doors that can be adapted to your needs.
The chest freezers are characterized by a door on top and are usually diaphanous inside.
They are usually wider and shorter than upright freezers: they occupy more surface area, but less height. If you have little space, they are not the best option. In any case, a small freezer doesn’t exist, so you’d better make room for your new freezer.

Ice Makers

A good restaurant (or host) cannot be short of ice in its drinks. Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages should never be served without this refreshing element (with the exception of beer), so an ice maker is a must for bar,  restaurant, or cafe owners.
GE Countertop Nugget Ice MakerHowever, finding a suitable one is not so simple. There are many options and there are some factors to consider in order to make a good purchase, according to the needs of your place. To begin with, it is vital to know the types of manufacturers that the market offers. Basically, these are divided into two classes, depending on the amount of ice they make:
Ice makers with containers: they include the ice maker and a place to store it already prepared in a single unit. They are large and produce more quantity than the non-industrial models, but are smaller than the modular ones.
Modular Ice Makers: they only make the ice, to store it you must buy a separate module. Nevertheless, they are the best option for a kitchen that needs to prepare great amounts, in a fast way. They are designed to fit a container of the size that the user chooses. They use more space than other appliances.


The decision to choose a chest freezer or upright freezer can be a challenge. This decision depends on the buyer’s needs and budget, and the space available.
On the one hand, the chest freezer will allow us to store more product, since we can find chest freezers in a wide range of capacities, or better said liters, since this is the measure generally used to specify the capacity of the freezer.
On the other hand, the upright freezer has a more stylized appearance and are easily mixed up with a refrigerator although they usually have less capacity have baskets that facilitate better organization and optimization of space, even some include water or ice dispensers on their doors.



What characteristics should you evaluate before buying a freezer?

The freezer capacity

Chest Freezer can be found with capacities ranging from 3.5 to 15 cubic feet. Upright freezers range from 7 cubic feet. Therefore, the first thing you should analyze is what capacity you need, always taking into account the capacity of your refrigerator and the space you have available.
Bear in mind that the advertised volume is usually much lower than the real one, as useless spaces are not usually taken into account (for example, drawers in the case of the upright freezer).

The freezer internal organization

Having good internal lighting is highly recommended, which is essential in the case of the freezer cabinet, as you will be able to see its contents.
Transparent plastic drawers: in vertical freezers, having a greater number of drawers makes food storage easier and, if they are transparent, it is also quick to locate them.

Freezer alarm

The alarm is a key element in freezers, as it can warn you if the power supply is interrupted or if you have left the door poorly closed.

Control panels

Freezers must have a clear and accessible control panel, located outside to avoid having to open them.
Ideally, they should mark the degrees of the freezer.
A good digital thermostat is basic to choose a precise temperature.

No Frost freezer system

Models with the No Frost system are more efficient and facilitate the task of defrosting.


If the drainage hole is on the front, it will be more convenient to defrost the freezer.

How to use the freezer in a smart way

Do you want to get the most out of your freezer? Put into practice some simple tips that will allow you to extend its life and, at the same time, increase its efficiency (and, consequently, cut your electricity bills). Also, consider how to save energy with your fridge.
Freezer Ziploc
To begin with, you must bear in mind that freezers, whether they are small freezers, upright freezers, or chest freezers, must maintain their internal temperature, ideally at – 4ºF: this way they consume less and are more efficient.

10 tips for using the freezer

  1. Install the freezer in a place away from heat sources.
  2. Be sure not to cover its ventilation slots.
  3. When installing the freezer, separate it a little from the walls so that air can circulate it. It is also essential to leave a hole at the top.
  4. If you opt for a chest freezer, make sure when you install it that you can open the door of the chest completely and access the contents.
  5. Check that the door seals are in perfect condition and that they close hermetically.
  6. When you open the freezer to take out or put in food, do so quickly (hence the importance of good internal organization of the food) and avoid leaving the door open for too long.
  7. Press the fast freezer button the day before you want to put the food in the freezer: this way you will be able to keep the temperature at the recommended level.
  8. Avoid putting hot food in the freezer, wait until it is at room temperature.
  9. Do not load too much at once.
  10. It is important to defrost the appliance often and certainly whenever the ice layer exceeds 1/8 inch (especially if it does not have a No Frost system).