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Why you might be interested in buying an ice maker. The truth is that ice is used in many sectors such as bars, cafes, discos, butchers, restaurants … The main types of ice used in these businesses are cubes of various sizes, crushed ice, and flake ice.
Continue reading to know which type of ice machine to choose and which is the most convenient for your business, as well as our summary to be able to save on ice.

How to choose the best Ice Maker?

Each model of these machines, have totally different characteristics, this means that, before choosing one, a series of aspects must be taken into account to be able to find the one that better adjusts to the necessities:

The Ice Maker Productivity

It is important to know how much ice you want to produce because each model produces different amounts. If it is a home, you will not need a machine that generates large amounts of ice, while if it is a business such as a restaurant, it will be necessary.
Some models can produce up to 22 pounds of ice per day as a minimum and the maximum will be up to about 50 pounds per day.
The ice cubes that this machine makes weigh approximately 1.7 ounces each, which means that with a 22-pound machine you can produce about 200 ice cubes per day, while the 50-pound kilogram machine can produce 500 ice cubes.

The Ice Maker Feeding System

This is another factor to consider, since some domestic machines may include a water tank with a capacity of up to 1 gallon, so they will run on electricity.
These machines are quite comfortable since their design is especially thought for their easy use even outdoors as long as they are connected to electricity. They can be easily refilled with water. The most professional ones can be connected by a water pipe, so you will not need to monitor its level, since it will take the water in its tank every time you need it.

The type and shape of the ice

All the models of these machines that exist in the market can produce that characteristic form of cubes, but others can produce more crushed ice. The most professional or advanced, allow the manufacture of these types of ice, which are combined or called Smoothies.
Concerning the size, everything will depend on the model, so the machine will produce bigger or smaller ice. At the same time, among the cube shapes, it is possible to create the hollows or the solid ones.

Other aspects

Many of these machines may include some additional accessories, which may be important at the time of choice. Some may bring a large spoon that can be used to serve the ice and even a basket to pour it in.
It is also necessary to mention that some of them have the capacity to recycle the water, to make more ice with it.

Reasons to buy an Ice Maker

Sometimes, when the decision is made to buy a home or business item, many people wonder if it will be profitable? why should I buy it? To answer all of these questions the following should be considered:

  • It is profitable: they are very economical because they do not require major maintenance, they cause less consumption of both electricity and water, and, also, you will not need to spend money to buy packaged ice.
  • Easy ice: because of its power, you can manufacture quantities of ice cubes very quickly.
  • Different shapes: you can also produce them in different designs to be served in different beverages.
  • More space: you will save space in the refrigerators by not using the uncomfortable ice bags.
  • Hygiene control: as they are manufactured at home, you can ensure that the ice cubes are produced with adequate healthiness.

Ice machine: frequent or sporadic use?

As these tools have been manufactured to have a long life, they are very resistant, for this reason, if you want to use them only for special occasions, such as barbecues and other family gatherings, you should only keep them completely dry before storing them and that’s it.
But if, on the other hand, you want to use it more frequently, such as in the office or a bar, it will still do its job well and without any problem.

Types of Ice Makers

In the market, you can find different models and brands of these machines, all with their own characteristics, but you should also know that there are 3 types of domestic ice makers, which are

Modular ice machine

They are available in various sizes and with different ice-making capacities. The storage tank is located separately and also comes in different capacities. It is usually stackable so that it can be put on top of the tank giving the appearance of being one piece. This also makes it easier to clean, so that the process can be carried out separately.

Autonomous ice Maker

The tray that collects the ice is included in the machine, being a totally individual unit, which makes it take up less space. This makes its capacity to make ice less than others.

Under-counter ice machine

Due to its compact design, this machine allows you to have ice on hand quickly and without needing a large space. It manufactures and stores ice in smaller quantities, which means having to make more again.

Refrigeration systems of the Ice Maker

There are two types of systems to cool the industrial ice machines, both by water and air, then we tell you what each one of them consists of:

Water cooling

In most systems, the water used to cool the machine is used only once and then disposed of by drainage. Known as the “one-step system”.
This method, which retains the heat produced by the ventilation system, reduces air conditioning costs.

Air cooling

They use little water and cause much less impact on the environment. The heat from the ice machine’s heating coils is released through the air discharge grilles. This means fewer energy costs.
In short, depending on the cost of your water or electricity business, it will pay off to buy one or the other. At we have both types of cooling, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

How to clean an ice machine?

These ice makers do not need such a thorough cleaning, however, certain care must be taken to ensure that they perform optimally. One of the things to do is to make sure that there are no more ice cubes.
The water stored in the tank should also be emptied so that no mold or bad taste is produced when new cubes are made.

Where can an ice Maker be installed?

It is very important to have the fundamental knowledge of the places where the machine can be installed because you have to bear in mind that the temperature of the environment can influence the quality of the ice:

  • Places with temperatures below 50°F or above 100°F.
  • They should not be near heat sources such as ovens and stoves.
  • Make sure that the machine is installed in a place with sufficient space and that it can be easily passed through the door if it needs to be removed at any time.
  • It is advisable to leave free space around the machine, so as not to obstruct the entry of air and the discharge.
  • This will also make it easier to clean the machine.
  • It should be located as close as possible to an electrical outlet and also to the water outlet.
  • If the machine includes a water filtration system, a considerable space should be left for it.
  • It should not be located in places where there is any type of humidity, as this could cause a short circuit.

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